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Size Up Supplements in Berkley is a home-grown business that takes pride in offering the best pricing, supplements and having the best staff. We are located in downtown Berkley, Michigan and open seven days a week. We also offer shipping across the US where we pack all shipments hourly and ship within 24-48 hours. Our customers appreciate the personal touch we offer as opposed to what we all receive at large online stores. Try us to experience the difference.

Our Story

SizeUp started almost 10 years ago. We had the opportunity to expand to downtown Berkley in 2017. We we're very excited to bring our homegrown company to the hardworking area of metro Detroit. We understand the importance of small businesses and at SizeUp Berkley we vow to have zero big box memberships or utilization for materials, supplies or products. We created SizeUp Berkley to feel like home for fitness junkies or anybody seeking better health. It is our priority for you to come in and feel like you left with a great experience from the staff to the products. We know that the only way to keep growing amidst an online shopping world, is by our customer service and passion to deepen our knowledge and understanding of health, fitness and supplements

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3026 12 Mile Road Berkley Michigan 48072
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Weekdays 10-7 Saturdays 10-5 Sundays 10-4